8 Am Metro Review Amidst the smoldering difficulties, you will be relieved by watching this film.

8 Am Metro Review Amidst the smoldering difficulties, you will be relieved by watching this film.

Entertainment News Desk The film stars Gulshan Devaiah and Sanyami Kher in lead roles. The audience might have seen Gulshan in the recently released web series Dahad in which he played the role of a police officer. Raj R directed film 8 A.M. The story of Metro is inspired by Malladi Venkata Krishnamurthy’s 1989 Telugu novel Andamaina Jeevitham (It’s a Beautiful Life in English). The story, as the title suggests, is based on a chance meeting of two strangers at eight in the morning in a metro. Unlike the clich├ęd league of Bollywood, their friendship helps each other fulfill their deepest aspirations and overcome their innermost fears. Living with her husband and two children in Nanded, Maharashtra, Irawati (Sanyami Kher) writes poetry, but her talent is not appreciated in the family. Due to an incident in his childhood, he is scared of traveling alone in the train.

Due to the delivery of his sister, he has to go to Hyderabad alone. She reaches there by train scared. At the behest of her sister, Irawati from a middle-class family starts commuting home from the hospital by metro. Although this journey is not going to be easy for them. She catches the metro at eight in the morning, but she starts sweating out of fear. Seeing this, Pritam (Gulshan Devaiah) present at the station helps him. The next day again both meet at the same time. He tries to allay Iravati’s fear. Gradually, both of them become friends.

He praises Ira’s writing. encourages him to write. However, Pritam working in the bank has kept the secret of his life hidden from him. Will their friendship last? What is the pain of Pritam’s life? Will Ira be able to write a book? The story progresses on these aspects. People shy away from talking about mental health. Usually people take it lightly, but the pain that a person suffering from this problem goes through is shown in the film. In the film, Irawati says at one place that it is not so easy to share this mental illness with everyone. After that, where Pritam becomes Irawati for some time, the same Irawati society. There is a dialogue between the two, in which they are advised to become strong when they are in mental trouble. She shocks you somewhere and also gives a message to take them seriously. The dialogue between the two in the metro is also quite interesting. The good thing is that he talks openly about his married life.

The film has poems written by Gulzar. Also, there is a lot of literature and information about the tribe, which explains humanity, explains the meaning of life and discusses social issues. The neglect of children’s talent in the family, the need for compromise in relationships and mutual dialogue has also been raised in the film. Gulshan Devaiah is the best actor in the cast. He has lived the pain, emotions and feelings of Pritam on the screen with great intensity. Wherein, Sanyami has expressed the mood and duality of Iravati very sensitively. The chemistry of both looks good on the screen. While listening to poems, there is definitely a lack of rhythm somewhere in the voice. However, this movie teaches you a lot about the value of loved ones, the importance of love and how to overcome the fear of life in a very simple way.

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