Bad Boy Movie Review Mithun’s son Namoshi Chakraborty’s film didn’t impress the fans!

Bad Boy Movie Review Mithun's son Namoshi Chakraborty's film didn't impress the fans!

Entertainment News Desk, Bad Boy Movie Review Namoshi Chakraborty has started his career with Bad Boy. The film has got a delayed release due to the pandemic. The film is directed by Rajkumar Santoshi. Bad Boy is a romantic comedy film. Due to the Corona period, the release of many films was stuck. These include the film Bad Boy directed by Rajkumar Santoshi. Its shooting was completed in the year 2019, but now it has been released in theatres. Subhankar Banerjee (Shashwat Chatterjee), a believer in ideals and principles, is working as Deputy Secretary in Quality and Vigilance (Medical Council of India). He can smell the filth in any hospital in town. Shubhankar believes in high quality and standards in his professional and personal life.

His daughter Rituparna (Amreen) and wife also follow his principles. Events take such a turn that Raghu (Namoshi Chakraborty), the useless son of Kabaddi (Rajesh Sharma), falls in love at first sight with Ritu, who is always a topper in studies. Raghu teaches a lesson to the boy who misbehaved with Ritu in college. Like the old formula of Hindi films, the two have a friendship that turns into love. On coming to know about their relationship, Shubhankar puts forward a condition that he will bear the expenses of their house for a month, but this money should not be borrowed. So that, it is proved that he can give a good life to Ritu. Raghu tries his best to fulfill the condition. The film tries to tell the story of the present with dialogues like ‘KGF, Pushpa film dekho’, but it gives a feel of the nineties of the last century. The story establishes Raghu and Ritu’s relationship before the interval. It has several light-hearted moments that bring out fountains of laughter. After the interval, the entry of Mama Poltu (Jaani Lever) creates a buzz. His episodes and scenes with Namoshi have become interesting. The title of the film may be Bad Boy, but this boy is not bad. The film aims to create laughter, hence sequences have been conceptualized from start to finish which will leave the audience tickling.

Rajkumar Santoshi, who has given hit romantic comedies like Andaz Apna Apna, Ajeeb Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, has good language and sensibility. He has made this love story in a light-hearted way. There is no double meaning dialogue in this. It has romance, fun and a bit of action. The screenplay and dialogues written by Sanjeev keep you hooked. This is the debut film of star kid Namoshi. He also does not disappoint the audience with his performance. He is endearing in every way as he portrays his character with utmost passion and conviction. Like his father, his moves in the dance sequences are catchy. If he gets good opportunities ahead, he can prove to be a great actor. In this film, he proved that he can do wonders in comedy oriented films.

His chemistry with Amarin heats up. Amreen has lived his character passionately. His eyes are very beautiful. She has been seen very glamorous in many places. However, he will have to work hard on dialogue delivery and emotional scenes. The film mainly focuses on Namoshi and Amreen, so the rest of the characters do not get the expected importance. Shashwat Chatterjee as Ritu’s father has grabbed everyone’s attention with his impressive personality. Otherwise Raghu’s friends, Ritu’s mother is not given much importance. Jani Lever is his usual self, but he manages to generate laughs. Rajesh Sharma plays the role of Raghu’s father. Mithun Chakraborty is thrilled to make a guest appearance in the film Janabe Aali. The songs composed by Himesh Reshammiya are in sync with the theme of the film. In Bad Boy, Rajkumar Santoshi effortlessly presents a two and a half to three decade old style and structure film for today’s audience.

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