Film Afwaah Review This is neither Hazaaron Khwaisheen Aisi hai nor that destination, it is just a ‘rumour’!

Film Afwaah Review This is neither Hazaaron Khwaisheen Aisi hai nor that destination, it is just a 'rumour'!

Manoranjan News Desk, Rumor Movie Review Directed by Sudhir Mishra, Rumor deals with a very serious and topical issue but misses on the entertainment front. The film leaves an impact in pieces. The excellent actors kept the atmosphere somewhat tied. In the film ‘The Kerala Story’, released on Friday, where a picture of alleged love jihad has been shown, in ‘Afwah’, two people have been unknowingly implicated in love jihad. Sudhir Mishra’s film is based on how dangerous this rumor is. The story begins with an attack on Vicky Bana aka Vikram Singh (Sumit Vyas), the future deputy leader of the ruling party, at a political rally in Savalpur, a small town in Rajasthan. In response, his close friend Chandan (Sharib Hashmi) brutally thrashes a local man. The video of Vicky talking to Chandan and placing some orders is going viral on TV channels and internet media. Nivedita alias Nivi (Bhumi Pednekar), daughter of the leader of the ruling party, gets furious after seeing this video. He does not like Vicky’s bigotry. She runs away from home to escape the marriage. Vicky’s goons are trying to find him and force him to go home. Meanwhile, Rahab Ahmed (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), who is passing by, comes to her aid.

Rahab, who had come to India from America, leaves to attend his wife’s ceremony. Vicky makes the video of Nivi and Rahab running away from the car viral for his political gains and it is named as Love Jihad. After this what difficulties do both have to face? This is what the story is about. Sudhir Mishra’s film has been released in theaters after almost five years. This is her second film with Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Earlier both had worked together in Serious Man. Sudhir’s earlier political films Yeh Woh Manzil Toh Nahi and Hazaaron Khwaishein were based on youth participation in such grassroots issues.

In Rumours, he focuses on the side effects of news spreading like wildfire on the Internet media. However, his ideology is also reflected behind him. A scene of a man begging for mercy with folded hands during the riots has been deliberately inserted in the film. It reminds me of the famous picture from the Gujarat riots that went viral. An attempt has been made to show the impact of internet media in the film, but it fails to leave an impact. Here the writer and director have turned off the internet as per their convenience. The internet doesn’t work when Rahab and Nivi are in need. The authors were required to conduct extensive research regarding the Internet effect. The dialogues of the film have also not become effective. The upcoming twists and turns in the film can be guessed. The film seems stretched after the interval.

Sudheer has got experienced actors for the film. Nawazuddin Siddiqui easily adapts to any character. Here too he is in his character. Bhumi Pednekar is seen in the role of a flamboyant, outspoken and outspoken girl. Belonging to a political background, Nivi considers the politics of high-low, social discrimination and religious bigotry to be wrong due to her progressive thinking. The reason why they married despite her separation from Vicky is unclear. The father is hospitalized, but Nevi is not with him. The reason for this is also not clear. All the goons are with Vicky. His father is a domineering leader. Why doesn’t he have a trusted person? Why does the video of Love Jihad not reach his father? Many such questions remain unanswered. The main attraction of the film is Sumit Vyas. He plays the character of Vicky Banna who is trying to get power in a very balanced way. The character of Inspector Sandeep (Sumit Kaul), who is involved in corruption, is also not crafted properly. However, keeping within the limits of the script, Sumit has played him in the best way. Sharib Hashmi in the role of Vicky’s right hand is Chandan in his character. However, there is a special need to strengthen the climax of the film.

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