IB 71 Review is a story of unsung heroes, you will feel proud with thrill

IB 71 Review is a story of unsung heroes, you will feel proud with thrill

Entertainment News Desk, IB 71 Movie Review Vidyut Jammwal has also debuted as a producer with this film. He is seen in the film as an Indian agent who foils a major enemy plot during the Indo-Pak war. Known for his action films, Vidyut Jammwal has also ventured into film production with the film IB 71. Apart from acting in the film, he is also its producer. This is the story of that secret mission, which was carried out by the spies of the intelligence agency. The film, which hit the screens on Friday, is based on true events and is set against the backdrop of the India-Pakistan war. Indian intelligence agents get information that Pakistan and China are preparing for a two-way air strike on India after ten days. In such a situation, the only option was to close the airfield. On the other hand, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) leader Maqbool Bhatt planned to hijack an Indian plane to raise the issue of Kashmir on the international stage demanding independence of Kashmir. For this, two Kashmiri youths of 17 years and 19 years were selected. Both had reached Pakistan from Kashmir.

He was sent to gather information against Maqbool, but after meeting Maqbool, he joined his own organization. He was trained in kidnapping in Pakistan. While returning to Srinagar, a young man got caught between them. He confesses the truth that how Maqbool is planning the kidnapping. He told that two more people are going to do that work. He becomes a police informer. He was deployed at the airport to identify the people of the organization. However, he is busy preparing for his cause. The intelligence agents use his kidnapping plan in the interest of the country. They plan to hijack the Ganga Vimana, which has been put out of service. The hijackers take the plane to Lahore instead of Rawalpindi. After a day from Pakistan, all the passengers were safely sent back to India, but the matter did not cool down here. The news of the kidnapping became an international issue. India closed Pakistan’s airspace. In fact, in 1947, India’s airspace could travel between East Pakistan and West Pakistan. The closure of the airspace meant that Pakistani ships would now have to go around Sri Lanka and go to East Pakistan.

The film is directed by Sankalp Reddy, who earlier made The Ghazi Attack. Here he has not been able to repeat the charisma like The Ghazi Attack. Vidyut Jammwal plays the role of Indian agent Dev in the film. The story revolves around him. While Anupam Kher is in the role of the head of the intelligence agency. As a producer, Vidyut has taken up such a story which will make the country proud, but has not been able to translate it properly on the screen. The story seems scattered before the interval. However, the pace picks up after the interval. Many strange visions come. If more work was done on the screenplay and dialogues of the film, it could have become a great film. The character of Kasim (Vishal Jethwa) has not been properly established in the film. The good thing about the film is that considering the sensitivity of the subject, no dance or song has been forced into it. The cinematography of the film is panoramic. The snowy valleys of Kashmir and its beauty have been shown in the camera very well. The chase scenes between the boats in Kashmir’s Dal Lake in the film are thrilling. Such shots have not been seen in any film before.

The cast includes Vidyut playing the role of an Indian agent. The scene of him entering the Pakistani camp and reeling off the reel is thrilling. There are not many action scenes in his account here, but he has tried to play his character with intensity. Anupam Kher plays the IB chief. He is comfortable in his character. Ashwath Bhatt as ISI chief, Naresh Malik as Maqbool Bhatt have done justice to their characters. Dalip Tahil plays Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He has no dialogues in the film, but has managed to make his presence felt.

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