Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai film review The actor shows the journey of Solanki in a powerful way!

Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai film review The actor shows the journey of Solanki in a powerful way!

Entertainment News Desk, Sirf Ek Banda Kofi Hai Review The film is inspired by a true incident in which a spiritual guru was accused of raping a girl child. Manoj Bajpayee is in the role of a lawyer fighting the case of this girl. Other misdemeanors are known as felony such as murder, kidnapping and heinous crimes. His forgiveness is possible to some extent. But the third misdemeanor is known as the great sin, for which there is no forgiveness. On this, Pavarti ji asked Shiv ji in amazement that Lord Ravana had abducted Sita ji. It should be considered as a grave sin. Why did you accept the great sin? Shiv ji smiled softly and said that the sin whose effect remains on the humanity and sovereignty of the whole world for centuries, comes under great sin. I would have forgiven Ravana, if he had abducted Sita by becoming Ravana, but he was disguised as a sage, whose influence will remain for centuries on the saints and eternals of the whole world, for whom there is no forgiveness.

Salanki adds further. This (so-called religious leader) has betrayed Guru Bhakti. Innocent children have been cheated. He has cheated me and our Mahadev. A heinous crime has been committed using his name. He should get death sentence. Actually, Manoj Bajpayee’s film is inspired by a true incident, in which his character is inspired by the well-known lawyer PC Solanki. Solanki had fought this case against a religious leader who was accused of sexually abusing a minor. The religious leader was sentenced to life imprisonment in this case which lasted for about five years. The so-called ‘Lord of devotees’ and ‘criminal in law’ was represented by several eminent lawyers. POCSO Act was imposed on Baba. It is an act passed by the Government of India to protect children from sexual offences. The punishment for being found guilty under this is life imprisonment.

It is about the year 2013. The story also starts from there. The parents take their minor daughter Nu (Adrija Sinha) to the Kamla Nagar police station in Delhi to file a report. She cried while narrating the incident. Actually, this complaint is of rape against the famous Girami Baba (Surya Mohan Kulshrestha). Police registers case under various sections. All these sections come under the category of serious crimes. Had the incident happened in Jodhpur, further investigation would have been handed over to the Jodhpur Police. Baba’s supporters make every possible effort as soon as the matter comes into the limelight, so that no stain is put on the image of their revered Baba.

The police suggested the name of honest lawyer Solanki for defending the case. In view of the poor economic condition of the parents, Solanki simply says ‘Gudiya ki Muskaan’ in response to the fees. He takes it upon himself to get justice for his daughter. Also tells Nu that you have to have courage, son. Don’t know what will be asked in the court. One has to appreciate the courage of producer Vinod Bhanushali to make this film. He has chosen a very bold subject. Will become a source of inspiration for those who raise their voice against injustice. Writer Deepak Kingrani’s tight screenplay and Apoorva Singh Karki’s direction keep the story tight. He has not allowed the courtroom drama to become a melodrama. There is no shouting or screaming during debates here. Apoorva has left no stone unturned to make the film believable by shooting in realistic locations. The special thing about the film is that it has been made from Solanki’s point of view. The wit and wit of Solanki, who is knowledgeable about the POCSO Act, will attract you. The names of famous lawyers are not mentioned here, but they can be easily identified by their dress, gait and aura. There are many such scenes in the film which melt you.

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