The story of this film will shake you to the core

The Kerala Story Movie Review: The story of this film will leave you shaken to the core

Entertainment News Desk Sudipto Sen’s controversial film ‘The Kerala Story’ has finally released in theatres. In such a situation, if you are planning to watch this film, then first of all you can read the review of ‘The Kerala Story’ here. Amidst huge controversies, ‘The Kerala Story’ has finally hit the theatres. Actress Adah Sharma is seen playing the lead role in this film directed by Sudipto Sen. Protests against ‘The Kerala Story’ started soon after the film’s teaser surfaced. Several Muslim organizations had also demanded a ban on the film. The petition to ban this film also reached the Supreme Court, although the court flatly refused to hear the petition. Through this film, Sudipto Sen and Vipul Shah have tried to tell such a story, seeing which your heart will be shaken. In such a situation, if you are planning to watch ‘The Kerala Story’, then before that you can read the review of the film here.

'The Kerala Story' goes beyond politics and ideology

The story of ‘The Kerala Story’ revolves around four girls (Shalini, Geetanjali, Neema and Asifa). All four are studying in a nursing school in Kerala and are living as roommates in the hostel. The story of the film begins with Shalini Unnikrishnan, who is declared a terrorist by the Afghan security forces and taken into custody. Shalini endures the Afghan security forces by repeatedly explaining that she is a victim, but no one listens to her. After this Shalini’s story starts in flashback. Shalini wants to become a nurse, for which she takes admission in a nursing school. During this, Shalini meets Geetanjali, Neema and Asifa.

Asifa then starts her game of conversion and tries to brainwash her three friends through professional training. Asifa tells her three friends that Islam is the best and everyone should follow this religion. Asifa brainwashes these three girls and forces them to convert, after which these girls join ISIS. The issue of love jihad has also been raised very well in the film.

Director Sudipto Sen has handled this sensitive issue with great care in ‘The Kerala Story’. Through this film, the director has shown the mass conversion happening in Kerala very well. The film is going to give goosebumps. People are liking Adah Sharma’s acting in ‘The Kerala Story’. There are some scenes in ‘The Kerala Story’, which are very difficult to sit and watch. Although the issue of conversion and terrorism has been presented with great sensitivity in the film, but at some places the dialogues seem very strange. While the film claims to be based on true events, it does not give a timeline of when these events occurred, blurring the line between reality and fiction. That’s why Bollywood Life has given this film two and a half stars.

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