Vidyut Jammwal rocked Pakistan, fans liked it a lot

Film IB71 Review: Vidyut Jammwal shook Pakistan, fans liked it a lot

Entertainment News Desk Making films from India and Pakistan has been a favorite subject of Bollywood. Many such films have been made and have also run. After Tara Singh of Gadar, another Indian went to Pakistan and returned after doing wonders. IB71 is the story of the same Hindustani and his companions and is based on a true incident. That is, what was shown in this film really happened. This is the story of 1971 when Pakistan along with China was planning to attack India and India was not ready. So the only way to stop them was to close the airspace, but a solid reason was needed to do so. In such a situation, an Indian agent made a plan to defeat Pakistan. A plane was hijacked and taken to Pakistan. Then what happened… did the Indians succeed… how India shocked Pakistan. You have to go to the theater to see this story.

Vidyut Jammwal has turned producer with this film and he has to be commended for making the first film to salute the heroes of the country. In this film you will get to see different kind of electricity. Vidyut is the biggest action star but here he does a different kind of action. They play with their mind, plan and this time when they kill, the attack is not only on some goons but on Pakistan’s chest. He also underplays his character somewhere and that is the beauty of this character. He is even more handsome in the 70s look. Anupam Kher plays the role of IB Chief. Anupam Kher is a brilliant actor and here too he has done full justice to his character. Vishal Jethwa’s work is also tremendous.

The film gets to the point in the beginning and moves at a brisk pace. Nowhere did you feel that the film was dragged or bored by adding unnecessary songs. The cinematography in the film is tremendous, the 70s have been shown in a brilliant way. The film is about two hours long and the specialty of the film is that twists and turns come quickly one after the other. Yes in the end the way Indian agents leave Pakistan it seems a bit childish how easily Pakistanis got fooled but because it is a real story.

This is what happened but in the end the way Indian agents come back to Pakistan after biting the dust. Your view of India widens with pride. Sankalp Reddy’s direction is good. They have been completely successful in showing the era of the 70s. The way the Pakistani officers talk, you totally believe that this is Pakistan and the best part is that they have completed the film in 2 hours, which makes the film not feel stretched.

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